Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cost cutting tips for IT people

Today most of us learn to live a luxurious life apart from our basic needs. Inflation is screaming us; high commodities and even job loss too. How we are going to deal? The only way for us now is to cut down the costs like our companies do. Here are some ways to cut down our expenses.

  • Eat at home – Avoid eating outside often
  • Purchase only what you need – Avoid purchasing everything that catches your eyes
  • Carry bottled water on travel – Buying outside is expensive
  • Buy local products – Avoid branded when you get the same thing cheaper in local
  • Compare prices and stores – compare prices in more than one store before buying in bulk
  • Pay in cash – Avoid credit cards (Its the only thing eating our whole income)
  • Check your bills – From vegetable shops and to telephone bills

So, we should beware of our little expenses too because a small leak can even sink a large ship. And finally, we should never ever depend on a single source of income.

Friday, February 27, 2009

mChek - An mCommerce Application

This is good news for pupils who are busy with their work and also it helps for those who are away from the Internet. This saves time and its simple too from the convenience of your phone. This is called mChek , an mCommerce application; it’s a easy secured mobile payment technology.


Pay your Airtel Postpaid Bills or Top-up your Airtel Pre-paid
Just SMS “PAY AIRTEL ” to 543219

Pay your insurance premium on your mobile

mCommerce Services
Book your movie tickets
SMS “MOVIE” to 543219 (only on Airtel)

Book your Bus tickets on RedBus
SMS “REDBUS ” to 543219 (only on Airtel)

Just register your credit card number with the mChek or Airtel site; you will get a confirmation SMS with mChek pin which is used for transaction purposes while using mChek for payment purposes. I hope you like this SMS Payment gateway..