Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Google gear support for offline web applications

After filing some two pages of registration form in a particular site and your internet connection suddenly lost before submitting the registration form. What happened? your data will be lost and you have to retype the same what you have entered in the previous pages. So, hereafter no need to worry about these problem. You can create your own web page with the help of Google gear support.

For this, you have to install the google gear in your computer. Before that you have to know something about the google gear and how it works?

About Google Gears:

Google Gears is a library that enables our web applications to work offline. This includes three modules:

Local Server
Allows a web application to cache resources locally and serve them without a network connection. In other words, it’s a local proxy server with a JavaScript API

Provides browser-local relational database storage that is accessible through JavaScript. It uses the open source SQLite database system

Allows a web applications to run JavaScript code in the background, asynchronously. WorkerPool scripts don’t block script execution on the “main page,” which makes applications more responsive.

See this link for getting started with creating a web page with google gear support

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